Nuclear education
and training


  International Training Program Newsletter Vol.9 (March 2023)

Nuclear Human Resource Development Center (NuHRDeC) was established as HRD (Human Resources Development) division in 1958 soon after Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) was founded in 1956.

Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), established by the integration of JAERI and JNC in 2005, clearly identifies nuclear HRD as one of its important missions.

NuHRDeC's HRD activities are conducted in line with governmental policy and programs, and aims at comprehensive nuclear education and training program.

At present, NuHRDeC's program consists of; 1) education and training for national nuclear engineers, 2) cooperation with universities and 3) international training and cooperation.

The main feature of NuHRDeC's training programs is that the curricula places emphasis on the laboratory exercise with well-equipped training facilities and expertise of lecturers mostly from JAEA.

The wide spectrum of cooperative activities have been pursued with universities, which includes newly developed remote-education system, and also with international organizations, such as with FNCA countries and IAEA.