Training Materials in Radiation Protection

Country Course Name   Title of Materials Page Language Training Place
Philippines Radiation Protection Lectures 1.  Basic Nuclear Physics   English PNRI
2.  Nuclear Reactions  
3.  Radiation and Radioactivity  
4.  Some Radiation Quantities and Units  
5.  Interaction of Radiation with Matter  
6.  Statistics of Counting  
7.  Detection of Radiation  
8.  Radiation Protection Instruments  
9.  Biological Effects of Radiation  
10. Basic Safety Standards for Radiation Protection  
11. Radiation Dosimetry: An Overview  
12. Radiation Monitoring  
13. Maintenance and Calibration of Monitoring Instruments  
14. Dose Calculations  
15. Radiation Shielding  
16. Radiation Facility Design and Safety  
17. Decontamination  
18. Emergency Planning  
19. Radiological Health and Safety Officer: Qualifications, Duties and Responsibilities  
20. Transport of Radioactive Materials  
21. Radioactive Waste Management  
Exercises 1.  Characteristics of Geiger-Muller Detectors  
2.  Statistics of Counting  
3.  Determination of Half-Life  
4.  Gamma-Ray Spectrometry  
5.  Absorption of Gamma Radiation  
6.  Decontamination  
7.  Calibration of Monitoring Instruments